Simona De Silvestro (English version)

Simona di Silvestro
Simona di Silvestre is one driver of Amlin Andretti Team

Summary of Simona De Silvestro’s career: Simona started racing when she was six-years-old. She did 10 years of karting. Then in 2005 Simona went into cars in formula Renault 2000 in the Italian championship. In 2006, she went to the USA to race in Formula BMW USA where she finished 4th in the championship. Then came 3 years of Formula Atlantic finishing 3rd in 2009. Then she went on to IndyCar where I won Indy 500 rookie of the year in 2010. And she had her best IndyCar finish of 2nd in Houston in 2013. After all that, Simona became an affiliated driver to Sauber F1 team in 2014. And now she is a Formula E driver for the Amlin Andretti No. 28 car.

EPRIX NEWS: The Formula E has a female pilot. How is your relationship with the category? How is being a woman and a racing driver? Is there prejudice? There are categories in which this prejudice is higher?

Simona DeSilvestro: I feel really comfortable in the category. It is also good for me to be in a European series again after so many years. I don’t think one category over the other is more prejudice about being a woman. I just think that in racing or in general a woman has to prove herself much more than a man does.

EN: Why did you choose to Formula E to give sequence in your career? How did this opportunity arose?

SDS: I got the chance to race in IndyCar for a few races in 2015 with Andretti Autosport. After the Indianapolis 500 the team gave me the opportunity to race in the London ePrix and I enjoyed it a lot. The race went well and that is how it came to a deal for this season.

Simona di Silvestro
Simona: the only woman driver in Formula E

EN: What is your analysis of the technical aspects of the cars of Formula E? What changes can be made in Power Train?

SDS: I think a lot can be done to the electric power train for instance some manufacturers have chosen to run only one gear. There is a lot of possibilities with an electric power train.

EN: The Americans have a strong relationship with motor racing. And you are very famous in the US. Do you think Formula E is having good audience there? Entry Team Andretti is facilitating the dissemination of category?

SDS: I think it does, there are a lot of people in the U.S. that are conscious about the environment and Formula E is a great platform for that and on top of it the racing is really competitive and that what most people in general like about the sport. It’s a good show and features newer technology.

EN: And in Switzerland? How has been the receptivity of people in relation to Formula E? Do you think it would be a viable eprix in Switzerland?

SDS: I think there is a lot of interest into Formula E here in Switzerland especially now that the racing ban has been lifted for Formula E. It would be such a great feeling to have a Swiss ePrix. The last time I raced in Switzerland must have been when I was 10-years-old in karting. So it’s definitely time to have a race here again.

Simona De Silvestro, the EPRIX NEWS Team appreciates the interview. Success in your career.

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