Salvador Durán (English version)

Salvador Duran
The happiest Mexican in Formula E

Today, EPRIX NEWS will interview Salvador Durán, a Mexican driver that currently races in the FIA Formula E Championship for the Amlin Aguri team. First of all, we wanna thank you for your willingness to attend us and do this interview.

EPRIX NEWS: Salvador Durán, some Brazilians don’t know you well. Could you resume you career in the world of motor sport?

SALVADOR DURÁN: I would say the highlights are my Championship in British F3 National Class, A1GP Series with several podiums and two victories from pole at Laguna Seca (USA). Also I won the Rolex 24 at Daytona in 2007, in addition of several wins and podiums in the World Series Formula Renault 3.0.

EN: How Formula E appeared in your life?

SD: It appeared as an opportunity from Team Amlin Aguri when they called me and asked me if I was still interested on keep racing. There was an opportunity to do some races, in which we participated. Then they liked my work and I stayed for a few more races and now we are about to finish the season together.

EN: How has been your relationship with Aguri Suzuki Team? Do you think that your team has a competitive car and structure to win a Formula E championship?

SD: My relationship with my team is good. I think the team is very competitive. I think we have a little handicap because the drivers line-up has changed a lot. However, I think we are competitive for the work we’ve done.

This year we cannot win the championship due to the points available. Even if we win with my team mate all the races and the other driver finishes second. It’s very unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, I believe we have a competitive team. We are one step behind in comparison with some teams, again, due to all the driver changes.

EN: What is the relation of Mexicans with motor sports, especially Formula E?

SD: Motorsports in Mexico needs more development. We have to open more the Mexicans’ mind in terms of car racing. Lately, they have been more involved with the NASCAR culture and now with Sergio Pérez and Esteban Gutiérrez in Formula 1, I think the motor sport culture is changing in Mexico. I think we need to help to spread more what is Formula E.

EN: Nick Heidfeld has recently announced that he will priorize Formula E in the next season. Would you consider do anything like that?

SD: Definitely Formula E is my priority. Having no other series in mind at the moment.

EN: We hear some people here in Brazil criticizing the large batteries and its weight in the cars because it makes them move in a very slow speed. Other criticizes the non-existence of different tires. What is your opinion about the entrance of eight manufacturers in the Formula E’s next season? Would it be a FIA’s tentative of reducing the aforementioned criticals? Don’t you think that a great evolution is required in order to improve the cars and championship?

SD: I believe what Formula E is achieving is historic and even that currently the batteries are not the best available, in a near future they are going to be more developed. That’s all about innovation.

Regarding the manufacturers, I think after the first year having more than eight interested manufacturers, it’s because the Series is doing the things well. The growth of the series is going up.

I think this is just a matter of time, for the first year, the debut year, it’s very good what it’s achieved. Therefore, the series needs more time to be developed.

EN: FOX SPORTS BRAZIL broadcasts Formula E here in our country. We are creating Eprix NEWS (on facebook, twitter and website) in order to help the spreading this new category here. In our opinion, Lucas di Grassi, Nelson Piquet Jr. and Bruno Senna are a very important part of this process. What is your opinion about that? Formula E is a totally different kind of racing and is showing us a new brand concept. Do you think Formula E will reach success and fans all over the world?

SD: No doubt, this kind of web pages and social networks are helping us to grow.

Regarding the Brazilian drivers, I think all three of them are great drivers who could or should be in Formula One. In fact, they’ve been already there and they should be there now. Happily for our series, they are in Formula E. I believe they represent well their country.

I believe that spreading this type of series, always will be good in all aspects and already is enjoying success everywhere it goes. Everyday our fan base is growing.

Salvador DURÁN, EPRIX NEWS appreciate your willingness to grant us this interview. We wish you every possible success in your career.

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