Nelsinho Piquet (English Version)

Nelson Piquet Jr
Nelson Piquet Jr

You can see an incridible interview with Nelson Piquet Jr. bellow:

EPRIX NEWS: Piquet Jr., you have been a rider who, after your departure from F1, have played numerous tests in different categories of motorsport. What drove you to make such a decision? How has this experience?

NELSINHO PIQUET: Has no better place for a racing driver to a race track. US met a new motoring culture, where drivers run as much as they can. I’ve always been a lover of speed and power play kart racing, Rallycross, Nascar, Formula E etc. This is to do what I like most in life.

EPRIX NEWS: Do you still aim to build career in NASCAR?

NELSINHO PIQUET: Things are going well for me in Formula E and rallycross, but NASCAR is still on my radar. Last year I ran a race in Sprint Cup and not dismiss attend the class again if my schedule allows.

EPRIX NEWS: How China and Racing Formula E appeared in your life?

NELSINHO PIQUET: It was not easy to enter the grid of Formula E. Some had suspicion hire me because of past things and no one put much credibility on the team. I was received with open arms and with hard work, we have already won the race and we are a point of leadership. It seems film history.

EPRIX NEWS: What is your honest opinion about Formula E? Do you think that the category will be able to achieve great success in Brazil and around the world?

NELSINHO PIQUET: The Formula E shook the international arena of motor sport. The races are very busy and have excited the public on circuits and at home. I am proud of being part of an innovative category as Formula E.

EPRIX NEWS: Do you consider prioritize the Formula E in your career or it is still very difficult for any driver to do it yet once the category is still in its beginning?

NELSINHO PIQUET: In a stage of Formula E, all 20 grid pilots prioritize win the race. With me is no different. I’m second in the championship and the championship title is my priority. Now there is the question of timing: as the Formula E makes his season between September and June, all pilots must balance your dates with the other categories that run throughout the year.

EPRIX NEWS: Recently, it was announced that China Racing in the second season, will rely on the drivers of NEXTEV, a Chinese firm specializing in electric battery systems. What kind of improvement you hope to achieve with this partnership?

NELSINHO PIQUET: In season two, eight teams will support automakers, which should further develop the category. So far the team has been flawless in the choices, then I am confident that with the support of NEXTEV we will continue competitive.

EPRIX NEWS: You’re in the clear growth in the championship and is competing for the title against Lucas di Grassi, Nicolas Prost, Buemi and Bird. How do you design the championship remaining in its European phase?

NELSINHO PIQUET: I believe in big disputes, as was the season so far. All have evolved a lot since the race in China and the grid times are getting closer.

EPRIX NEWS: Describe the feeling of winning in Long Beach just 35 years after the first victory of your father in F1?

NELSINHO PIQUET: It was very exciting, so I made a point of taking his helmet to the podium. I was very confident for the race and I was sure would win. We got a good start and the team was accurate during the entire weekend.

Nelson Piquet Jr at the top in Long Beach!
Nelson Piquet Jr at the top in Long Beach!

EPRIX NEWS: Did your father would not desire to go in a race of Formula E? Does He find it interesting?

NELSINHO PIQUET: He was pleased with the win at Long Beach and is interested in everything where my brothers and I ran. His schedule is full of business commitments and it also monitors the races of my brother Peter in F3. But perhaps I can bring you a ePrix.

EPRIX NEWS: Piquet Jr., thank you for the interview and your attention! Could you leave a message to the Brazilian fans of Formula E?

NELSINHO PIQUET: I have received many messages of social media and thank the support of all. Last race, we won the Fanboost but I ended up not using to avoid overheat the car. Keep voting on me throughout the year.

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