Lucas di Grassi (English version)

Lucas di Grassi
Lucas di Grassi

EPRIX NEWS brings to the Brazilian fans of Formula E an interview with Lucas di Grassi, the most intelligent and fast driver category.

EPRIX NEWS: Lucas, clearly, you are a pilot with more car field of Formula E, because you are from the beginning in the project. You helped in the development process. Could you share with us how it all began? How was the opportunity to enter this project?

LUCAS DI GRASSI: In fact, I did not get involved in the technical part of car development. What I did was marketing and display statements for candidate cities to receive the category and drive an electric prototype that was not even the official car. The development in which I worked was: conceptual to the slopes, the championship format and some things from the car. All this was done from the pilot’s point of view. I entered this project at the invitation of Alejandro Agag, who is the CEO of Formula E. Our contact is old, from the time when I ran by Campos in GP2 in 2008 and were champions among the teams. He was a member of the team and when Formula E arises he asked me to help.

EN: Do you still consider returning to F1 one day?

LG: No. I am very happy with my current situation, driving for a great team like Audi in competitive cars.

EN: In addition to the Formula E what else have you done in the world of motorsport?

LG: I am Audi’s driver in the FIA WEC and this actually is my main activity, with a world championship and the race of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

EN: Do you think that the performance of a Formula E’s race in Brazil would be very important to drive category here? Which city would be the most appropriate in your opinion?

LG: Yes, a lot. Because Brazil, even without a title for 24 years, look for Formula 1. The Brazilian media gives much more attention to F1 than other categories and it is something historic. The Formula E is a reality and is seen with many good eyes for the whole planet. And I think that only with the completion of a race in Brazil this situation would change. As for a city, the most suitable would be Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro.

EN: Do you consider prioritize the Formula E in your career or it is still very difficult for any driver to do once the category is still in its beginning?

LG: My main focus is well represent the Audi where it determines. Today my main work is in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. I dispute the FIA WEC and the Formula E representing the Audi, but the principal is the FIA WEC.

EN: With all the news already announced for next season, the Formula E seems to point in the direction of further technological development of the teams and their cars? What technical and developmental aspects you think should evolve more urgently in order to further streamline category for 2015/2016?

LG: I think the most urgent development would be on batteries. It needs greater capacity and durability, less weight and more power. It is the main item to be worked not only for the promotion and development of Formula E itself, but also to serve as a boost to sustainable urban mobility industry. Lithium-ion batteries, such as mobile: lightweight, durable, powerful, to serve in electric scooters, bikes and cars. If the batteries are so, I think that this development in the issue of mobility will jump worldwide.

EN: You are in fact, from the beginning, one of the favorites to be champion of the first season of Formula E. However, the fight intensified due to the high level of competitiveness of the pilots. The dispute is intense between you, Nelson Piquet Jr., Nicolas Prost, Buemi and Bird. Among these, what do you see as the biggest opponent and how do you design the championship’s remaining in its European phase?

LG: There is still no clear opponent, because there are five races to go. But anyway, my focus is on results, not in opponents.

EN: Describe the feeling of winning the category debut race in China?

LG: It was a milestone for my career. Winning the first race in the history of the first world-class electric cars is something that I am proud and in the future this will be something I will remember quite fondly.

EN: Thanks for the interview to EPRIX NEWS! Leave a message for the Brazilian fans of Formula E.

LG: Well, since you gave me this space, I ask you to vote for me in Fanboost! Just enter, choose me and vote! In addition, those who have not followed, Brazil conveys the Formula E by Fox Sports. So vote and watch! I count on the support of all!

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