Chris Veyssier – Founder of NYC eRacing (English Version)

EPRIX NEWS brings an interview with Chris Veyssier, the founder of the NYC eRacing website. NYC eRACING is an unofficial fan page which is in no way associated with Formula E, its partners, group companies or representatives.

You can read the interview bellow.

Chris Veyssier in New York eprix visiting Techeetah and Vergne.


EPRIX NEWS: How have been appeared the idea of creating NYC eRacing in your mind?

CHRIS VEYSSIER: The idea of creating NYC eRacing appeared when i saw and noticed nobody was interested by Formula E in NYC and US…Fans prefer Indy or Nascar!!! Formula E is the future Championship with great potential and innovations. More and more manufactures are developing interests for Formula E, like Mercedes…

EN: Can you describe the sensation of taking part in the NYC eprix?

CV: Sensation of taking part in the NYC ePrix was fantastic, and absolutely lovely. I was invited by Team Techeetha for a tour garage and meet Jean-Eric Vergne. Believe me, i used to do some go-kart in competition in France, the mentally in Formula E is really cool, relax, fans can easily meet drivers, managers…etc. totally different than Formula 1

EN: Could you analyse Montreal eprix and the final result of the championship?

CV: The Best ever Formula Eprix on season 3!!!! Suspense, drama, fights and a huge final…
On R11 (Saturday race), The main fact was the Buemi’s crash during the practice, he destroyed his car for the rest of the weekend, because it may was too late to repair correctly the monoplace for the race on Saturday, as you can see, he was very nervous, upset and just agressive with others drivers meanwhile Di Grassy was released the perfect Qualifications to put his car in P1… the race was a confirmation for Di Grassi, leader to T1 from T35, he dominated the entire race to win and lead the Championship for the first time!!!! Crazy!!!! Buemi race also very well to finish on P4: but he was disqualified after for underweight’s car by FIA decision!!!! The black raven , the worst Saturday’s race for Seb…. too much to expect to win the title 2018, especially when you missed 2 races in NYC (Di Grassi scored 22pts…)

Sunday race: as regarding the qualifications, Di Grassy was very focus on him, no mistakes; but also nervous because it was the last race of the season and He was qualifying on P5… for the first time, our French driver Jev won the race, and confirmed the skills for next season, Di Grassi finished the race on P6 and became the third champion on Formula E!!! Buemi just consolidated his race for Renault eDams to win the title for manufactures: in my opinion, Sunday’s race was more annoying…

Conclusion: Di Grassi, the new Champion in Formula E, a good ad for Brazil, Renault eDams confirmed his leadership about technologies and innovations in FE. The first Victory for Jean-Eric Vergne in Montreal ePrix.
And i dedicated an award to Buemi, a big fighter, he deserved to win the title 2018 with 6/12 victories, but he missed 2 important races in NYC, and he knew the worst Saturday on his professional career in Montreal!!! Sometimes, in Motosport, the Black Raven fly above your head…. Viva la Formula E, so innovative and so cool!!!!
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EN: what are your planes for NYC eRacing in future?

CV: My plans for NYC eRacing: become a future partner in Formula E…

EN: What is you expectation for the next season?

CV: My expectation: taking part in Formula E circus with events, races, increase my website with more infos, news, develop Social medias feeds! Formula E is the future, they gonna increase the power of batteries, more powerful and change rules about Fanboost.they will change also rules about tires…