Bruno Senna (English Version)

Bruno Senna - The king of fanboosts!
Bruno Senna – The king of fanboosts!

On the eve of the Monaco round of the Formula E, EPRIX NEWS brings an exclusive chat with Bruno Senna on his career and the thrill of playing a race in which his uncle Ayrton was dominant in Formula 1.

EPRIX NEWS: Bruno, in addition to Formula E, can you say to us in other categories you have gone?

BRUNO SENNA: I am disputing the Blancpain Endurance Series by Van Ryan Racing (official team of McLaren) and ran the first leg of Stock Car as a guest of Antonio Pizzonia in Prati-Donaduzzi team.

EN: Why did you choose to Formula E as a career option?

BS: The Formula E has everything to be the beginning of a revolution in motor racing. The development of sustainable technologies is part of many areas today and the Formula E is the pioneer in this area within the motorsport. So I’m glad to be part of this chapter in the history of racing.

EN: While there seems to be cooling by the interest in F1, Formula E has aroused the curiosity of fans around the world. How do you explain the incredible success that Formula E is already doing in social media?

BS: The motor racing in general has lost a lot of interest of the younger generations because cars are still objects of desire, but are not as unique and rare as before. Today, the youth are more closely linked in technology and social interactions. And indeed, the Formula E fits nicely in this model of today’s youth.

EN: Do you consider prioritizing the Formula E in your career or it is still very difficult for any driver to do once the category is still in its infancy?

BS: It is still difficult to make solid predictions of where the Formula E will be in 5 or 10 years, but we live in a time of great strides in developing technologies. And, most importantly, the development of battery technologies is increasingly relevant for all, which explains one of the missions of Formula E for the future.

EN: The FIA Formula E announced the entry of new manufacturers for next season’s Formula E. In addition, teams can develop their own cars. What kind of improvements you hope to achieve with this new scenario?

BS: For the second season, developments are more limited, since the battery remains the same for everyone. But the electric motor and gearbox are free, enabling wide range of configurations and efficiency. I imagine that for the third season, when the batteries are of own development, things will start to heat up, as the battery is that it limits the power and the weight of cars. A more efficient battery can give a very big advantage for those who have it.

EN: Can you be considered the king of fanboosts? How is this incredible interaction that Formula E provides among riders and fans on race day?

BS: So far I have received many Fanboosts, which are always very welcome, but Nelson and Jean-Eric Vergne are also very strong in this competition. The Fanboost cause much controversy among racing fans, but certainly allows different strategy games in the races, which makes Formula E very interesting, and bring more fans closer to the race results with their favorite drivers.

EN: On May 9, we will HAVE the ePRIX of Monaco. Describe the feeling of running in the circuit in which your uncle dominated in F1.

BS: I love the Monaco circuit. I have competed there in Formula 1 and I won in GP2. So it’s a track with which I am quite affinity. I hope to put the Senna’s name on the top step of the podium again!

EN: What do you think of a ePRIX in Brazil? Which city would be better able to accommodate an event of this magnitude in our country?

BS: I would love to have the opportunity to race in Brazil with the Formula E. There was a plan to run in Rio de Janeiro during this first season, but was canceled, unfortunately. With three Brazilian performing well in the championship, I think that soon we have great support for such a race happening in Brazil. Hard to say where and the best place, as that depends on the impact on the city, but certainly Rio and Sao Paulo are fully capable of organizing a great event!

EN: How does it feel to revive, in Formula E, a famous Brazilian duel F1: Senna versus Piquet? Have you ever thought when the first one-two on top of the podium occurs?

BS: I am very glad to run for the first time with Nelsinho and also with Nicolas Prost. Every time we have a battle between us, roll an extra adrenaline! But we are friends and respect remains large in and out of lanes. I hope there is a one-two on top of the podium soon!

EN: Bruno Senna, thank you for the interview! Could you leave a message to the Brazilian fans of Formula E?

BS: Guys, thanks for the fans! Let’s fight together for a race in Brazil and I want to see everyone participating in Fanboost polls! Hugs!

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